The landscape unfolds revealing hidden gems, an eroded rock, reeds dancing, light glistening and the detritus of the every day. All is here in these galleries, for the adventurous seeker to find in the following images, which make one feel enveloped by the atmosphere.

Inspired by Becker

The paintings in this series are inspired both by the countryside in East Anglia and the artist Henry Becker. Becker spent much time capturing images through being in the landscape. His mark making, strong bold lines, movement and use of colour are the inspiration for the abstract images below. All were created with the word freedom in the mind of the artist.

The Landscape of Irises

Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, collects water from the sea and carries it to the sky, where raindrops are created. Iris, the plant, takes it name from the goddess, because of the stunning colours that capture the onlookers eye. Irises can be found in habitats such as grassy slopes, meadowlands, riverbanks and maybe at the end of a rainbow.

On Landscape

The views changed rapidly, as the light danced in between the cloudy sky, revealing the rawness of the intense conditions.

Redacted Landscapes

After fracking, climate change, atmospheric chemicals and soil erosion this is all that is left, a redacted landscape.

Turbulent Landscapes

The wind blew strongly through the mountains whilst the rain pelted down across the reeds.

The Company of Two

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