Caroline Evans

Caroline Evans Galleries

Colour Abstracted Gallery

This new body of work is an outcome of colour abstraction; the selection of four colours whilst others are rejected. It is an expression of the countryside in ultramarine, magenta, scarlet and purple (umsp), plus others. Colours which are discovered in a split second, as if a rainbow has blinked through a slender stalk or, perhaps, it is just the imagination of the artist.

The work sets out to construct a dialogue between the colour, the landscape and artist; challenging the materials to question and interact, whilst the gesture and sensitivity of the artist create the conditions for high level risk taking. It is ambitious, and set against a world which is increasingly becoming dictatorial and dogmatic in its views; it provides for free thinking to be aired. The work presents an alternative to ‘hard line’ ideals by allowing the materials to interrelate, thus creating something which is new, unexpected, beautiful and compelling in the images that arise. This is about inspiration for the future, through abstracted colour. The colours enrich and enliven our lives, giving breath to a bright and rich future which can be found in the world around us.

Colour Abstracted: an exploration without boundaries.

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Breaking Apart Gallery

Breaking Apart ’ is a series of collages made in response to cracks, edges and detritus found in or near roads. The collages are to remind us how easily man-made structures, such as roads, which sculpt our landscape, crack and disintegrate, leaving the viewer to interpret them as either being something which is beautiful, but, perhaps, as is more likely, a dangerous hazard. This series is one which continues to be developed.

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Organic Landscape Gallery

On sunny warm days the light, reflecting through the trees, creates shadows, whilst pools of watercolour spread randomly over large sheets of paper, capture the images. Movement and stillness, together with the rays of the sun, leave inspiring images which question the strength and power of nature. The results of this process allow Caroline to interpret and develop the images found.

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Roads Gallery

The ‘accidental ’ is an opportunity to see something in an alternative way, therefore a fall on a country lane offered an unexpected view. Pot holes, marks in tarmac, plants in concrete and miniscule seeds inspired this series of paintings and sculptures. What can be found when we look at nondescript everyday objects?

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Expiry Time Gallery

In this series of ‘paintings as photographs’ there is an opportunity to question the place of the Romantic Sublime in the 21st Century. The feelings of terror and fear may arise through an experience which provokes an emotional response. This response in terms of the Romantic Sublime may be found in a natural landscape disrupted by man. The pylons, roads, telegraph polls, intensive farming techniques, light pollution, noise pollution and more, all conspire to change nature and therefore, the landscape. In this series a painted ‘canvas’ is taken out into the landscape and placed, in random locations, in order to challenging our thinking in this Anthropocene Age.

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